Minar Management & Consultancy Services
Success Counseling & Mentoring Services
At Individual Level, we work along with the Professionals and Executives, on One-to-One-basis, and help them in Realizing their Dreams of Advancing in their Respective Careers And Achieving Success.

We work with them in following 4 Areas:-


  • Helping them in developing a Perfect and Marketable CV.
  • It is an un-disputed Fact that it is Your CV - Your Bio-Data, which can bring You face-to-face with your Prospective Employer, Which can help you in getting an Opportunity to Reach the Interview Table with Your Prospective Employer.
  • It is the first 10 lines in your CV - the first 20 Seconds that Your Prospective Employer spends in Reading Your Bio-Data, which is going to give you that Chance of Being at His Office in One-to-One Discussion with Him for a much desired Personal Interview.
  • Of-course, the first 10 lines, have to be supported with a very Well-Developed CV, so that He continues to read further and Feels Confident that You are The Candidate he has been looking for.

That is Why :-

Writing a perfect CV is a Skill which is a combination of Art and Science.

And that is where MINAR can help You.


  • By Training them in Successful Interview Techniques.
  • Your Success in the Interview will depend on the first 3 minutes of your interaction with the Interviewer.
  • Generally the interviews last for any thing between 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Judging someone's Attitude, Capabilities, Skills and Knowledge in such a short time and then taking a Decision about Employing someone is a Tough Decision for any Interviewer.
  • It therefore, depends entirely on You - how you display all your qualities and help the Interviewer in coming to a Conclusion that You Are The Right Candidate for him.
Your first 3 minutes can help you in Setting the Direction of the Interview to Your Success.

And that is where MINAR can help You.