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At MINAR We take lot of Pride in mentioning that, we Specialise in bringing together - the Employment Needs of Business & Industry and the Skills of Professionals on Common Platform, so that they can merge with each other in mutually beneficial association.

It is a well-known and accepted fact that the Placements in Business & Industry require thorough Assessment of the Technical Skills & Attitudinal Aspects of the candidate.

This is where our Experience and Technical Qualifications help in identifying the ideal candidates for a particular job Profile/Specification.

Having a well placed Network all over India, MINAR caters to the placement needs of Business & Industry from Officers - to - Middle Management - to - Senior Management - to Top Management levels.


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At MINAR, we take special care not only in Short-Listing the Candidate's but we also Interview them for their Job-Experience, their Abilities, and their Capabilities Vis--vis the Job Profile needed by our Clients. Be it a Telephonic Interview on a STD call or a personal meeting involving travel to candidate's place, but we do take care of interviewing the candidates. It's only after we have satisfied ourselves about the Candidate's Suitability for a particular Job Profile - that we send their CVs to our Clients. As a result our Clients receive very-few-but-quality CVs from MINAR. This helps in reducing the work load at Client's end, thereby saving valuable Time as-well-as Costs.

Our close Interaction with our Clients and with our Candidates helps MINAR in knowing them better, which in-turn helps us in Servicing both of them better:
  • We are able to generate Confidence in Our Clients about the Capabilities of our Candidates.
And At The Same Time
  • We are able to generate Confidence in our Candidates by conveying to them correctly about the Work Culture and Work Environment about our Client Company, as also about the Job Profile they are being considered for.