Minar Management & Consultancy Services
Success Counseling & Mentoring Services
  • Our Objectives
  • To provide Knowledge input to the participants.

  • To motivate participants, to put to immediate use, the knowledge gained at the training program.

  • To keep track of the results achieved by implementation of the principles learned.


  • Methodology

At MINAR We take lot of Pride in mentioning that, our Training Modules are based on the latest "Reverse Technology", which helps in better Retention Power.

  • The Traditional training modules consist of imparting Education to participants. This with understanding becomes knowledge, which the participants according to their own Wisdom put to practice and gain Experience out of it.

  • "Reverse Technology", as the name suggests, is exactly the reverse. We make you experience certain phenomena, and based on your wisdom you gain knowledge and education from it.

  • As the Knowledge is gained from your personal experience it gets Imbedded Deep into the Subconscious Mind and becomes Permanent in Nature.

Based on the feedback given by the participants, it has been our experience, that the Retention Power in some cases has been more than 65% as compared to the normal seminars, where it has been observed - that the Retention power is around 25%, which also diminishes to about 1-2% over a period of 3-6 months.