Minar Management & Consultancy Services
Success Counseling & Mentoring Services

Everyone in life wants to Achieve Success. He or She wants to make his Success Visible to the world – to at least the world of People around him.

But achieving "SUCCESS" is very Personal and Individualistic to every Individual. It is absolutely Sacrosanct for an Individual. There are very few in this world, who are willing to share their Secrets of Achieving Success.

  • Success depends on so many Variables, such as :–
  • Individual's Capabilities, his Skills, his Qualifications, his Understanding of his Environment, his Associates, Colleagues, Peers, Superiors, Juniors, his Current Circumstances, his Past Experiences and the Lessons he learnt from them, his future Goals, his Organization's Goals, etc.

  • Whereas the Analysis of above Variables is important, equally important is one's Ability to take Right Decisions at the Right Time.

  • Ability of taking decisions has to be coupled with another very important capability – to Translate One's Decisions into Action, i.e., to have the Courage to Implement one's own decisions.

  • And all that needs to be Topped-up by the Faith in Oneself – that the Decisions and the Actions taken by him will definitely bear Fruits. The fruits of Success.


  • Complicated Interface of all above Factors makes Success Very Elusive. And that is where MINAR Plays its role.

By Helping Individuals in Realizing their Own Capabilities, Analyzing their Environment and Behavior of their Associates, Training them in their Abilities to take the Right Decisions & Implementing such Decisions and finally Motivating them to have the Belief in Themselves and in their Decisions & Actions.

All above Parameters and Plans are very Personal and Private to any individual. We at MINAR therefore, maintain absolute discreteness about all our clients. In some cases, it has happened that an Individual and his Superior have both come to MINAR for Success Counseling, but have never known that fact.